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I want to find a romantic, kind, tender, caring, smart, very responsible and mature woman, who loves me I read to much about World current and past events,, World politics, World News, I exercise, run and walk, lift weights, play golf and tennis.

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Noting that on the race map, the highest concentrations of blacks are designated by red, one of Andrew’s readers writes: Interestingly, the white south – Appalachia, Cajun Country and the area around the Gulf, the Florida Panhandle – is not red at all. However, only one report provided evidence of the dominant pre-settlement woody species by using the localized signal available from subfossil leaves; that work reconstructed Maple-Ash floodplain swamp forests along valley-margins and Oak-Beech mixed forests on upper-slopes at a site in Lancaster County, southeastern Pennsylvania. Effects of soil erosion on navigation in Upper Chesapeake Bay. Various studies have identified pre-settlement herbaceous wetland floras based on fruits and seeds. To me, it says less about Red State politics (though it still does, indirectly) than it does say about how much harder it is for poor people of color to have a chance to succeed.The Red States seem pretty good about taking care of their white, GOP brethren, even the poor ones – that’s why you’ll note Utah is so mobile.

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