Adam rodriguez and taraji henson dating 2016

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We'll have to keep tuning in to see, but I'd love to get a script that says I'd be the guy who gets to do that.MORE: Gina Rodriguez May Let a Fan Wear Her Golden Globes Dress to Prom!He is currently portraying Task Force Agent and the newest recruit to the BAU Agent Luke Alvez in season 12 of Criminal Minds.Rodriguez had initially hoped to be a professional baseball player, but after a high school injury, he turned his attention to acting and performed in a children's theater in New York. He has appeared in commercials, including one for Coca-Cola."I manage to save her in a moment and that starts building a bond.I don't know exactly where that's going to go but I'm hoping it goes to some good places.His first film appearance was as an extra in The X-Files.He later appeared on Brooklyn South, Law & Order, Felicity, Roswell, and NYPD Blue.

He left the main cast 5 episodes into Season 8 and was credited as a recurring cast member for 8 episodes.

While Paul Dano, Idris Elba, and Michael Shannon would all be worthy winners for their strong work in 2015, the way I see it, this race is between just two actors: Mark Rylance and Sylvester Stallone. I think Jason Leigh has the slight edge at the moment—voters love awarding actors in Quentin Tarantino movies, and Fonda’s glorified cameo might prove too unsubstantial.

(It might mean nothing, but: Beatrice Straight and Judi Dench, actresses who famously won best-supporting-actress Oscars for roles with very little screen time, did not win Golden Globes for those performances.) ’s awards prospects seem to have faded considerably, so we can probably count Emma Donoghue out.

It was just my pleasure to get to spend time with both of them. And I would love to have the honor of being the guy who gets to cross out "The Virgin" in "] Do you think your character has what it takes to be that special someone?

So, at this point in the series, are you Team Michael, Team Rafael or Team Jonathan? AR: I'd like to believe he has what it takes, but what he doesn't have is the pen that [creator] Jennie Snyder-Urman wields, so I don't know if he'll be the guy or not.

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