Accomodating multiple learning styles

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Research on learning style preferences in the online environment emphasizes the need to provide a variety of methods that include text, aural, visual, and kinesthetic examples.

Geared for the practitioner working in online learning, the book summarizes current literature, and presents best practices for designing effective online tools for diverse learners, including suggestions for assessment of learning objects.

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Make sure you include the following information: Your name, Ph. Your affiliation Your title Click Here to Play the Multiple Intelligences Presentation Caption: This Narrated Power Point presentation describes how a single piece of math content might be addressed from each of the 8 intelligences Howard Gardner proposes Click Here to for the script of this Multiple Intelligences Presentation in MS Word.By Darren West, Joe Pearce and Moira Chance (2010) Various theories on learning have been developed with increasing frequency in the last few decades.In order to understand the relationship between these theories, Curry's onion model (Curry, 1983) was developed with four layers -- personality learning theories, information processing theories, social learning theories, and multidimensional and instructional theories.This title is structured into twelve chapters, covering: The learning style debate: do we need to match up learning styles with presentation styles? TY - BOOKT1 - Designing Effective Library Tutorials T2 - A guide for accommodating multiple learning styles AU - Mestre, Lori S.Overview of learning style theories and learning style results from various studies; The intersection of culture and learning styles; The need for learning object development; Current practice: categories and features of library tutorials; Effective design of learning objects; Pedagogical considerations for tutorials; Interactivity options for tutorials; Assessment of learning objects; The value and process of usability studies; Marketing learning objects for broad visibility; and a section on resources. PY - 2012Y1 - 2012N2 - Learning styles are highly relevant for students in the online environment.

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